Acquisition of raw data

BakingTray: serial-section acquisition software

BakingTray is modular serial-section acquisition software for MATLAB. It can easily be modified to utilize any desired acquisition hardware (scanners, stages, etc). Images are currently acquired with ScanImage, but BakingTray can easily be extended to work with any acquisition system (e.g. a spinning-disk confocal or your own scanning software). BakingTray is more of a research platform for catalyzing developments in serial section imaging than a complete turn-key system.



StitchIt: assembling tile scan data to stitched sections

Pre-processes data during acquisition, streams the last stitched section to a web page, initiates stitching automatically when acquisition completes. Includes tools for downsampling and generally batch-processing image stacks. Operations highly parallelized for speed.


Open tools by others